Monday, 3 August 2015


Intro to Level Design
- Seen out liner: list of everything on the map, can use it to navigate through the design. 
- Content browser = library 
- Geometry editing: can reshape geometry. This function is very similar to the 'push pull' function on sketchup. 
- You are able to grid snap, this is the same function to the one on rhino called 'gridsnap'
- Use basic geometry as boundaries. 
- The level blueprint is similar to the software grasshopper as it is visual scripting.
- Can set the brush to subtractive
- ALT + DRAG + SHIFT will copy the geometry, move it and then camera will follow
- CTRL 'G' will group objects, similar to rhino. 
Geometry Layout  
- Owner no see: remove the 'player' or arms in front of camera.  
- CTRL 'N' to snap something to the grid line
- Change the dimensions of rectangles, don't rotate.   
- End key to snap to surface
- ALT + drag: will copy the geometry and allow you to move the new piece
- L + click = light
- Designing the layout first using basic shapes will allow you to unsure your spacial layout works within the environment


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